Easy access to collated data for analytical, monitoring and reporting purposes.

What is XVault?

To find out more about Xporter and XVault, please see this Product Information document. XVault is covered on page 3.

XVault Products- What can XVault work with and be used for?

XVault integration- Using XVault with other systems.

XVault Security - An overview of the security features built in to XVault.

What does XVault need to work?

Groupcall will have been been providing implementation resources to you right from the start of the work to set your organisation up with XVault, so when the time comes for the installation of XVault they will have advised you what you need to do. There is some preparation work to do however and this is all detailed in the XVault Pre-requisites Guide.

When you have met the pre-requisites, and have discussed the status of work with the Groupcall Implementation Team, they will arrange a mutually convenient remote installation on the destination server. There are some downloads that can be prepared in advance - the implementation team will give you access to this page.

How do I use it?

Below you will find links to the most requested documentation to assist you in using Groupcall XVault

XVault First Line User Guide

- Intended Audience; This document is intended for use by Groupcall partners and customers for providing first line support to their installations.

Please note, these documents are subject to change at anytime and without notice to reflect product updates.

To avoid confusion we recommend you get the latest copy via the links above whenever you need to refer to the guides.

We do not advise you keep downloaded copies of the documents; if you need to distribute the information we recommend you send links as opposed to attachments.

Need more help?

End-users: For first line support on Groupcall XVault you should contact the organisation that provided it to you in the first instance as they will know the most about the systems XVault provides data to.

For Groupcall partners, second line support requests can be made using the contact points below.

  • xporter.support@groupcall.com
  • By phone: 0208 502 7344