Parental messaging for schools - delivered from a Classic local installation of client software.

About Messenger Classic

Messenger allows schools to send personalised text, voice or email messages instantly to parents, staff or other contacts for a low annual subscription fee. The system has been proven to increase attendance and reduce unauthorised absence, providing an early alert if a child fails to arrive at school and offers rapid contact with groups of parents for general messages or in the event of an emergency. For more information please see the product information leaflet.


This web page aims to answer most common questions asked when using Groupcall Messenger 4.

The information on this page, and the related documents, refer to Messenger 4.

Messenger 4, sometimes referred to as Messenger Classic, is installed as a client piece of software in your school and should not be confused with Messenger 5, an updated version of the system accessed online within the cloud. Further information about Messenger 5 can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find links to the documents for the most commonly asked questions and queries. Please click on the relevant factsheet that applies to your query.

Please note, these documents are subject to change at anytime and without notice to reflect product updates.

To avoid confusion we recommend you get the latest copy via the links shown whenever you need to refer to the guides.

We do not advise you keep downloaded copies of the documents, if you need to distribute the information we recommend you send links as opposed to attachments*.

How do I use Messenger?

We hope you find Messenger 4 easy to use, but if you are new to the system or need a refresher please have a look at the Messenger User Guide. There is also some video training available.

How do I send a Text, Email or Voice Message from school?

Send A Text Message

Send An Email

Send A Voice Message

How do I send Messages from the Groupcall Remote Website?

There are a few things you need to know when using the Groupcall Remote Website. The guides below will tell you everything you need to know, including how to publish your data/groups for remote access and how to use the remote sending functionality, as well as information on how we protect your data when it is uploaded to the Remote Website.

This is particularly useful when there is a chance of disruptive weather. If your groups are published then you can ensure they are contactable in the event of school closures.

Remote Messaging Guide

Data Sharing Agreement when using the Remote Website with Messenger v4

The mobile numbers or emails are not showing in Groupcall Messenger. What should I do...

I have Refreshed the data by Selecting FILE - REFRESH 'MIS' DATA and the mobile number/email still not appearing in Groupcall Messenger. Please click on the relevant document to check you have entered the details in the correct location within your MIS.

...where Contacts Details are taken from

...where Contacts Details are taken from CMIS?

...where Contacts Details are taken from E1?

...where Contacts Details are taken from G2?

If you are using SEEMIS, you will first need to check that the data is stored in SEEMIS correctly; i.e. in the correct fields. This guide shows you some essential information related to data location in SEEMIS. Once you have checked data location in SEEMIS, you will need to manually export that data for use by Messenger. How do I Export Data from SEEMIS to Groupcall Messenger?

How do I Check my Messages have been sent successfully?

Messenger does an automatic refresh of all message statuses every 15 minutes. To learn more about this process see the Check Messages Factsheet.

How do I send a Message to A Contact who is not in the schools MIS?

The Contact Configuration Tab includes the options to add new contacts, modify previous contacts and delete contacts. To learn more about this process see the Add Contacts Factsheet

How do I Create, Delete, Update Groups?

Have a look at the Maintaining Groups Factsheet. All you need to know is detailed there!

I would like to use Groupcall Messenger on a new workstation. What should I do?

Groupcall Messenger does not need to be re-installed if you have a new computer. You will just need to place new Messenger shortcuts onto the new PC. This applies for a new computer that is an addition to any existing computers in use as well as in the case of a new computer replacing an old or broken computer. Click on the relevant icon for your MIS below.




Installing Groupcall Messenger for the first time

If the Groupcall Messenger software has been deleted or you have a new server you will be required to re-install Groupcall Messenger onto the server or the original location of the shared network drive. Click on the relevant icon for your MIS below to see step-by-step instructions on how to Install Messanger.

Prior to installing Groupcall Messenger we advise you to read through the Pre-Requisites document.





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